Retiring and Saturated Stake Pools Update Epoch 217

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Retiring Stake Pools in EPOCH 217

PFL – Retiring in 11 days

OMNI – Retiring in 2 months

OMNI1 – Retiring in 2 months






Saturated Stake Pools in EPOCH 217

IOG1 – 137%

SWIM – 103%

OCEAN – 102%

EMUR1 – 96%

DIGI – 96%

DIGI2 – 92%

1PCT0 – 94%

ADLT2 – 91%

IOG18 – 90%

For additions, removals or corrections please fill out the form on the home page. If you are a new or retiring pool and would like to submit a blurb, quote or have an interview please feel free to reach out. All retiring pools are sourced from Daedalus wallet. All saturated stake pool info comes from A pool is considered over saturated at 101%. It is my personal opinion that it is in best interests to keep an eye on pools above 90% to retain optimal rewards.

Postings will be made around 24 hours prior to next epoch. Please have any requests in before that time. If you would like to stay up to date on retiring and new stake pools please consider joining my newsletter. If you found this information helpful please consider delegating a small portion to my pool.


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