Stability Issues KES Updates and Maintenance

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Since the Allegra era update 1.24.2 there have been a growing number of stability issues becoming present. On 12.24.2020 I attempted a routine KES update. This brought a majority of the underlying issues to the surface. I was noticing relays getting knocked out on epoch change as well as other strange behaviors. Checking through resource logs it came apparent that the existing resources were no longer sufficient to operate this pool as has been done previously.

I am please to announce that KES has been rotated successfully. Also all nodes have been upgraded from 2 cores to 4 cores. RAM has also been updated from 4 mb to 6 mb. Everything appears to be running smooth again with enough resource available for additional technological growth.

Rest assured, any future updates to the Cardano pool technological infrastructure that bring us closer to the resource threshold will be met with the same diligence and response. Upgrading to meet the demands of the pools needed resources is always a quick, easy and a responsible option. Thanks for being involved.

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